Speaker Registration

Please email the following information about yourself, presentation needs, and your presentation to [email protected] by October 5th.

Speaker Information
  • Name
  • e-Mail Address
  • Street Address
    City, State Zipcode
  • Short Bio
  • Class Title
  • Class Description
  • Special Equipment needs (speaker will need to provide their own laptop)
    Projector, projector pointer, mic and flip chart w/marker provided
  • Speaker Fee
  • Travel Expenses
    (Airfare, Mileage 0.565/mile, Car Rental)
  • # Hotel Nights
  • Meals
    (meals are provided Tuesday - Lunch; Wednesday - breakfast (if staying night before), lunch, dinner; Thursday - breakfast (if staying night before), lunch, dinner, Friday - breakfast (if staying night before))
  • Misc Expense
  • Copy of Your Presentation (If available)