2 full scholarships (conference fees and lodging) will be awarded WSFIA Scholarship Application
  • One Fire Inspector
  • One Public Educator

Applicant Criteria

  • Must be an active member of the Wisconsin Fire Inspectors Association or have an active member sponsor you.
  • Must be either an active member of a local fire department inspection or public safety education program that directly works to improve the safety of the public through inspections of public education programs.
  • All Funds will be used toward the tuition and the room costs associated with the Wisconsin Fire Inspectors Association Conference
  • Applicants must demonstrate the need for assistance.
  • Applicant must demonstrate how the conference will benefit his/her fire service career and his/her fire department or organizations ability to better serve their community‚Äôs needs for life and fire safety education.

Application Procedure

  • Submit a completed Conference Scholarship Application
  • Gain an Area member to sponsor or nominate you by signing the application (non-members)
  • Submit a letter to the scholarship committee on department letterhead that includes the appropriate application criteria listed above.
  • Include a letter of support from your chief describing your duties in your organization and how your education will improve the inspection and education of your service community.
  • Deadline August 1st
  • Submit applications, letters, forms, and information to WSFIA designee.